Pulseman in the Sparkling State.

The Sparkling State (スパークリング状態) is a state Pulseman can reach by charging electricity, allowing him to use the Voltteccer and Slash Arrow. Pulseman can enter in the Sparkling State by one of three possible ways:

  1. By running forward a distance which causes Pulseman to gather an electrical charge. Good for one use.
  2. By performing a Lightning Dash to gather an electrical charge. Good for one use.
  3. By getting the Volttecc Energy upgrade, which makes Pulseman stay in the Sparkling State infinitely until he leaves the current area or loses one life.

Pulseman will lose the charged energy once it is used to perform the Voltteccer or Slash Arrow, unless he has the Volttecc Energy upgrade. He will also lose the energy if he gets in contact with water.


Veil in the Sparkling State

The boss Veil appears to be able to enter in the Sparkling State anytime he wishes, even when standing still.

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